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The Benefits of Speak Horse and Win's Three-tier Training System

So What is 'Speak Horse and Win'?

Mel Beckmann has developed her own three-tier training system 'Speak Horse and Win'.

In short, Speak Horse and Win comprises aspects of the German scales of training with Natural Horsemanship in order to create a simplistic yet effective way of training both horse and rider without compromising on performance. This training system truly is applicable to any horse and rider combination of all levels.

The Three-Tier System:

1. Groundwork Training

2. Response Training

3. Balance Training

(more information can be found at

So why the fusion of these two training systems, which at heart are at opposite ends of the scale?

Natural Horsemanship is an equine psychology based training platform for horses and riders, deriving from observations of the natural behaviour of horses in their social environment. This is compared to modern dressage training which is based upon the six independent steps of the German scales of training (Rhythm, Relaxation, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness and Collection), which mainly focuses on the physiological development of the horse.

On their own, these to forms of training can be fairly insular, however, combing the two covers the psychological as well as the physiological needs of the horse in training, which are dependant on each other.

So What are the benefits?

The benefits for the horse are:

- Reduction of anxiety and tension by creating understanding and predictability

- Reducing pressure and resistance

- Making forceful methods unnecessary

- Replacing natural behaviours efficiently

- Mental wellbeing

- Reduce frustration through education and understanding

- A "Happy Athlete"

The benefits for the rider are:

- Reduction of fear, anxiety and nervousness

- Learning to 'read' the horse, preventing unpredictability

- Deepen the relationship with the horse

- Access the horses brain in order to gain access to the body

- Working as a team

- Character building

- Reducing frustration through greater knowledge

- Lighter, less physical riding

You can find more information about Speak Horse and Win, Tips and Help by visiting or visiti or alternatively calling Mel on 07769 975507

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