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Why is it important to engage with your clients?

So you have gained a client base; and you have a following on social media! But what now?

Customer engagement is all about how you interact between your clients and your company. Therefore, the interactions you provide as engagement need to be as unique as your business.

Below I have summarised 5 important things you need to do to keep your existing clients engaged, and also to engage with potential clients:

1. Offer customers Value

Engagement means producing content, not just pushing products. After all, your client base will lose interest if all they see is constant advertising. You need to mix up the content, make it stimulating!

Yes obviously you need to highlight your products, but there is so much more to exciting content than just your products and services.

2.Engage with your clients through educational content

If you want to make your content more engaging, a good way is to include educational material.

Ask yourself the question "why do your clients come to you?" The main reasons are through your inspiration and thought provoking content.

"Are they looking to find out how you do something to which they do not have the answer?"

"Do you have a product that they need or want".

By providing educational material, you are helping solve those little problems or questions your client may have.

This works for both service and retail companies - product demonstrations or tips are a great idea for content.

3.Make your content personal to you

In today's society, your clients like to see behind the brand!

You can no-longer hide behind your logo anymore. your clients want to relate to you on a personal level.

Who is part of your team? What is your working environment like?

Behind the scenes pictures and videos and facts about you are all great ways to add further engagement for your business.

4.Share your clients content on your social media.

Make sure you're following your clients on their different social media platforms so you can keep up with their developments.

Share your clients news!

Share images of customers who are happy with that new product they have purchased. Share your sponsor's new products or news too.

It is so important to build up strong relationships with your clients and business connections and including them as part of your content.

5. Finally, Keep the conversation going.

You have built up that all important client base! However, you can't expect your clients to remain engaged when all you are doing is pushing that new service or product!

You have to keep the conversation going, ensure you are posting daily with varied content! Remember to keep your content fresh, relevant and responsive!

For more information about engaging with your clients, please feel free to contact me by e-mail at or by phone on +44 (0) 7796 718433.

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