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What is your Unique Selling Point?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

As a rider, Small business or ‘client facing business’ what do you consider to be your USP?

Many people often loose sight of the fact that you are you’re own USP, many dwell on what they have to offer, forgetting that actually it is you as a person that your customers buy into. What horses, you have, or services you offer I agree are so important, However, it is you that is your unique selling point.

Your clients invest in YOU for a reason. For example there are many riders, even marketing/PR companies out there. The reason your clients, sponsors or owners want to work with you is because of who you are, your personality, and what you can offer them for their investment and support..

It is so easy to compare yourself against your competitors, what they are up to and what they are doing. However, whilst competition is good, your main competitor should be yourself.

You will have similarities to other competitors, for example offering the same or similar services, or competing to the same level; however, what truly makes you different and stand out, is you!

So don’t change your angle if it works, also, do not feel that you should do something because others are doing a 'certain something'.

Remain true to who you are and what you do!

Remember that you are your own USP!

Lastly, people buy into people!

Photo Credit Daydream Equine Art

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