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Are you at a mental block with your horse, or do you want those extra marks competing?

Spring is here and the competition season is now under way, How quickly it comes round every year!

Are you struggling with gaining those extra marks in the dressage arena, or have you got a mental block with your Horse? It happens to the best of us..!

Mel Beckmann is here to help! Mel has developed “Speak Horse and Win”, a three tier training system that combines both the classical scales of training and aspects of natural horsemanship. The fusion of natural horsemanship and modern dressage training creates an approach that works with all combinations of horse and rider, that actually achieves long lasting results!

Whilst “Natural Horsemanship” focuses on equine psychology; modern dressage training applies the “Scales of Training” to develop the horse’s balance and physical skills.

Both elements are equally important to allow the horse to develop confidence and trust the rider. Not only have riders found new confidence in their horse whilst training with Mel. There have been many horses that when they first arrived, were 'Sour', unwilling and nappy towards work and have been transformed into willing confident horses.

The simple three step method that Mel uses for her Speak Horse and Win training are:

1. Groundwork Training: This stage is a mutual introduction, which includes trust and respect, pressure and release systems and learning to communicate with the horses energy and body language.

2. Response Training: this step is conducted under saddle. The aspects of stage one are reinforced here in stage 2, where the pressure and release system is established, the aids are explained therefore creating trust and confidence into each other, and importantly identifying any resistance.

3. Balance Training: Here, the final stage of the training system is all about teaching horse and rider about the importance of physical balance and how to achieve it, and also the weight distribution of the horse.

For more information please call Mel Beckmann on 07769 975507 or visit

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